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5 Tips to Surviving Homeschooling while Sick

When you homeschool there is no time for mom to be down sick. This cold I have is not fun. Cowboy is over the road with his current trucking job so I’m on my own. Bookworm is quite helpful when I’m sick and helps get everyone cereal for breakfast so I can get some extra rest. However, kids will be kids and they do require lots of attention, guidance and direction throughout the day so I can’t stay in bed forever.

Over the years on being a stay at home mom I have developed some tips and tricks to get through the day when not feeling 100% but now that homeschooling is in full swing it creates a whole new dynamic. My kids are not old enough to complete their work on their own which means I have to be present. Plus, all meal, dishes, laundry still are required to get and living tiny means there is no putting that off.

Being sick is a great teachable moment for my kids. It helps them realize just how much work I do everyday because they have to pick up the slack. It helps teach them to put someone else’s needs before their own. We are in full teachable moments time right now but here are some tips to help you get through your homeschool day while you are sick.

1. Give them extra responsibilities. Why can’t the older children make lunch or help care for younger siblings? All children in the family can do some of mom’s normal chores.  You are still near by to help guide them through the new responsibility but it will teach them about doing things for others when they can’t do it themselves.

2. Still keep a similar routine if possible. Having the daily routine disrupted can cause children to confused and feel uncomfortable throughout the day. This can lead to boredom, arguments and grumpy attitude. If you are able to keep to a similar routine to normal days this can be minimal. Just do easy school work like spelling words, historical read aloud or audio books and have a discussion about what you all learned. It doesn’t need to be fancy or even follow you curriculum schedule.

3. Spend one on one time with each child. This is an easy one. Even as mom’s we want to snuggle when we are sick to feel comfort. Snuggling while reading a story or watching a movie can bring comfort to the younger children as well. Make sure to snuggle with older children as well and thank them for all the extra work they are doing to help you.

4. Utilize nap time. Use nap time for you to rest. Let the older kids read quietly, play learning games on a tablet, or watch a documentary. This will allow you to rest quietly and let your body fight off the cold.

5. Make simple meals. No you didn’t meal plan around getting sick but that’s what pinterest is for. Look up something easy you can cook in the crock pot or in the oven. There are still delicious recipes that you can make with whatever you planned to be cooking. My favorite go to meal when we are sick is Chicken Noodle soup. It’s quick, easy and nutritious.

Know that if you are home right now sick with screaming kids you are not alone. We have all been there. Do what you can to get through it. It will pass and you will be back to normal anytime. Enjoy the slower pace of the day and get better soon.


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