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2018 is coming!

2018 is less than 24 hours away as I write this. Everyone is posting about New Year’s Resolutions they are making and how 2018 is going to be different.

Me…I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I never really have. Mostly because I’ve seen so many people make them with great intentions and then fail miserably.

Almost 4 years ago we made big life changes. We decided within a few weeks to pack up our family and move from Colorado to Oklahoma. Since then life has been increasingly different.

We live in the city…now we live on 10 acres.

I was terrified of chickens…now we have at least 30 chickens at all time. In a few weeks we will be ordering more. We also have a duck, guinea, and 2 pigs!

We had two wonderful boys…now we added a daughter and plan for one more sometime in the future.

So life was normal. We were living the same way I grew up and we were happy until we realized we really weren’t.

Now we are! We have learned how important it is to have healthy food choices for our family. We’ve learned about how much work goes into the process of raising your own meat. And we are learning that we have big dreams and so much more to do in life then what we were doing in the city.

So as 2018 approaches we will be working on some of our goals we have set for ourselves.

Making our tiny house a bit bigger so we can add to our family and enjoy our home. Whether that means we add on, build our own house or but a mobile home…we are not sure. But we know this year we will be doing something different with our house.

I’ve been working on changing the way our family eats. We’ve been half and half on being healthy. We eat relatively good according to normal standards but we don’t want to be just normal. We want to live at least 90% on what we can produce ourselves. So we’ve slowly been changing our eating habits to get away from the processed foods and the carbs unless its homemade bread. I mean who could pass up homemade bread?

I’ve also decided that I have to get myself in better shape. There is no way I’m going to be able to homeschool our children, run a farm and keep up with every day household responsibilities without making some changes. So I’ve decided to invest in myself. I joined Bikini Body Mommy’s VIP group and I’m set to give myself 30 minutes a day to get in her 7.0 workout along with the VIP power move and an routine. But in doing all this I’m trying to remember to focus on what matters! My mental and physical health to be able to keep up with the lifestyle we are now living. Yes I’ll be excited about every pound and inch I lose but it’s not about the weight! Its about the way I feel and being able to pursue the dreams Hubby and I have for our life!

So as you’re getting ready for the new year approaching I want to encourage you to think about what you want out of your life and set some small goals to get you there. Or maybe you need to make the big change like we did 3 years ago so you can start living the dream life. But don’t waste anymore time! You matter and you can make changes to be happy so go do it! Not because its a new year but because you deserve it!

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