Welcome to my Life


This is my life Updated 2020.jpgWelcome to my life! It’s crazy insane some days and completely normal other days.

We are a family of 6, who in 2013 left our city life in Colorado and moved to Oklahoma where we have started our country life adventure. We built our own 400 square foot tiny house on our 10 acres of wooden land.

When baby #4 was on the way we added an addition onto our tiny house and DOUBLED our square footage to a whole 800 feet!

I’m married to an amazing man who traded in his tool belt for a CDL license and became a truck driver. He works long hours at a hard job but makes it home to us every night! We are very thankful for his hard work both at his job and at home providing for this life we have!

I’m a homemaking, homeschooling mama. I have 4 beautiful children, Bookworm, Firebug,Cutie Pie and Baby Boy. They keep me busy for sure and our house always seems to be shambles but with the construction it seems near impossible to keep it together.

Health has always been an interest of mine and I’ve slowly been working on making changes for years. From using high quality essential oils, making my own household products and recently exercising and eating better.

I hope my life can bring you some helpful information as we walk through our adventures but also many funny stories to give you some laughs along the way.