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Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

I have seen this saying over the past year that I have been trying to get my life together and add workouts into my daily life. But it never really sank in until recently. 

I’ve successfully completed 45 days of Bikini Body Mommy’s FREE 90 Day Challenge. I have overcome my habits of binge watching TV until midnight and sleeping in until my children woke me up every morning. I survived and didn’t give up after every one in my house came down with the flu and I was unable to workout for about 3 weeks. Cowboy and I have figured out how to manage a workout schedule with him being on a home trucking route. And I’m currently figuring out how to still get in my workouts in while being up throughout the night with a teething toddler.

Before everything I listed above would have been an excuse to quit. Life is just to hard. I have too much going on. I’m too tired. But not this time. This time I’m not giving up without a fight! I enjoy my workouts. I’m feeling stronger. And the habits it’s creating in my life are worth every sacrifice I have made.

So today I want to encourage you to think about what excuses you are making and if you can make changes to be stronger. It doesn’t have to be health related. I have been working on getting my house in order and making sure that the kids are getting school done on a regular basis. So choose something in your life that could use some work to bring you more happiness and get started! Don’t wait! Right now is the perfect time to BE STRONGER THAN YOUR EXCUSES!


  • Jennifer Seigler

    I have been looking for excuses and putting off exercise for quite some time now. I would love to give this Bikini challenge a go. It’s time for me to stop with the excuses and put it in action. This is a read I needed. Thank you!

  • Joy

    This is SO true for almost any area of life! Binge eating, drug addiction recovery, yelling at your kids, potty mouth, finances and spending. . . It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and trying to put in practice for myself. Don’t we all have those “cob-webby” areas?! !!! Thanks for the insight and inspiration ⭐

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