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Apple Cinnamon Good Girl Moonshine (THM Recipe)

Good Girl Moonshine is one of my favorite Trim Healthy Mama (THM) All-Day sippers! Especially in the summer! Trim Healthy Mama lovers know all about Good Girl Moonshine (GGMS). Some love it and some have tried it and vowed to never do it again. I have done both. I love that I can drink something Read More

Weight: It’s Just A Number

Just last week during our Space Science lesson from The Good and The Beautiful we learned about how we get the number for our weight. That it is just a number of how much force with which we are pulled toward the Earth. We even followed a link suggestion where you can put in your Read More

Week 9 Health Challenge Update

Y’all I’ve been so off my game! I just can’t seem to get back on track with anything and I’m really disappointed in how I’m feeling because of it. I’m moody, tired, craving all sorts of sweets (my weakness) and I’m general just unmotivated. I even took a pregnancy test this week even after I Read More

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

I have seen this saying over the past year that I have been trying to get my life together and add workouts into my daily life. But it never really sank in until recently.  I’ve successfully completed 45 days of Bikini Body Mommy’s FREE 90 Day Challenge. I have overcome my habits of binge watching TV Read More

Week 8 Health Challenge: What Are You Goals?

Just the numbers: +2 lbs So this week was the beginning of the month along with day 45 of Bikini Body Mommy’s FREE 90 Day Challenge so I weighed in and took measurements. I wasn’t shocked by either of them as I know that getting my workouts in is only about 20% of my weight Read More

Week 7 Healthy Challenge Update

Just the numbers: ? I don’t know. I put up my scale. The one I just bought before I started this journey. I noticed that I was starting to feel defeated when I wasn’t seeing the scale move and it was frustrating. I was starting to not be motivated and I didn’t want to feel Read More

Week 6 Health Challenge

Just the numbers: +/- 0 pounds This week I didn’t gain or lose anything. I guess I can consider That a success because I’ve been steadily gaining a pound or two back each week from my awful eating habits I’m falling back into. What changes did I make? I didn’t follow what I had planned Read More

Embracing Habits

I’m not a type A person. I’m pretty much the exact opposite. If you give me a to do list, schedule or even something as small as a routine I will completely fail at it. My brain just doesn’t function well that way. I’ve struggled for years trying to figure out how to keep my Read More

Week 4 Health Challenge Update

  Well its been 4 weeks since I started this new health challenge and it’s taken a turn for the worse. Its been 10 days of our family being sick and I started out so good staying on track and keeping up with eating well so I didn’t derail my progress. I did so well Read More

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