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A Minimalists New Baby List

Having a new baby comes with a list of must haves that can be a mile long! I know because with our first and last second kids we had all the things! Our house was exploding with all the baby items we thought we had to have! When we moved from Colorado to Oklahoma we Read More

Living The Best Life

There’s a lot of women out there right now that are screaming loudly for more women’s rights. They make women think that pursuing a career outside the home is the most important place a woman can be. In all their screaming they completely disrespect the life that women like myself choose to live! I choose Read More

Homeade Laundry Soap: How and Why

I started making my own laundry soap when we first moved into the tiny house. The friends that we were staying with when we were living in the RV have been doing it for years and she shared her recipe with me. Since then I have lost it and needed to find my own way Read More

Quick and Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

If you’ve been following me on social media you’ve seen we’ve been dealing with a stomach bug that Cutie Pie brought home. As we are all starting to feel better but not 100% we need something to eat that won’t upset our stomachs again but also give us some good nutrition that we might have Read More

Changing Bedtimes: How to help your children adjust. Part 1

Throwing Our Old Routine Out We are currently adjusting our regular bedtime routine we’ve had for many years because Daddy is officially on a home every night truck route (Yay!) and I’m consistently waking early to get a workout in. We are tossing out the old times of being in bed around 9:00p.m. and waking Read More

Embracing Habits

I’m not a type A person. I’m pretty much the exact opposite. If you give me a to do list, schedule or even something as small as a routine I will completely fail at it. My brain just doesn’t function well that way. I’ve struggled for years trying to figure out how to keep my Read More

Structure Of Any Kind Is My Nemesis! But I Try!

I’ve always struggled with keeping up with any type of routine or schedule. Some schedules like when I was in school or when I was working outside the home were a forced schedule and I didn’t have a choice but to follow it. But now I’m a wife and mom and homesteader. I make my Read More