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May Reading List

I did not get much reading accomplished this past month. Since soccer season has started and spring has arrived with warmer weather I feel like we are always doing something. We are hardly at home and if we are there seems to be a project that needs to be done. After a long winter season Read More

Week 5 Health Challenge Update

Just the scale info: +1 again I know this is a process and I’m not all the way recovered from being sick but I know exactly what is causing this weight gain instead of loss…….my nutrition! Being sick I gave into eating whatever was easy, whatever sounded good because let’s face it I was sick Read More

Why does this always happen?

Last week Briana with Bikini Body Mommy was hosting her last surge before Christmas and I was excited and fully on board to bust my butt and lose a few pounds before the holidays. I started the workout ready to have a great week. Then BAM…finishing up and my shoulder decided I pushed myself to Read More

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