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Making 2019 the Best Year Yet

It’s a new year! It’s now 2019! Who else is excited for all the dreams that come with a new year? I know I am.  While 2018 held a lot of important life events for our family it also feels like a year that was full of laziness and failed progress. Of course we lived Read More

Getting Prepared for 2019

2018 is was year of rest for us. We had goals we wanted to achieve but we just weren’t motivated to work hard enough to reach them and that’s okay! After purchasing our homestead property we worked none stop on clearing land, building our tiny house and getting it more livable here. It’s been a Read More

5 Things to Consider Before Tiny Living

Living tiny is sweeping the nation! The idea of having less possessions to manage, more money to put into experiences, and lessening environmental footprints can be very appealing. For us it came from necessity and desire. We left our life in Colorado where we seemed to be drowning in trying to just achieve normal goals Read More

May Reading List

I did not get much reading accomplished this past month. Since soccer season has started and spring has arrived with warmer weather I feel like we are always doing something. We are hardly at home and if we are there seems to be a project that needs to be done. After a long winter season Read More

Week 5 Health Challenge Update

Just the scale info: +1 again I know this is a process and I’m not all the way recovered from being sick but I know exactly what is causing this weight gain instead of loss…….my nutrition! Being sick I gave into eating whatever was easy, whatever sounded good because let’s face it I was sick Read More

Why does this always happen?

Last week Briana with Bikini Body Mommy was hosting her last surge before Christmas and I was excited and fully on board to bust my butt and lose a few pounds before the holidays. I started the workout ready to have a great week. Then BAM…finishing up and my shoulder decided I pushed myself to Read More

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