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Embracing Habits

I’m not a type A person. I’m pretty much the exact opposite. If you give me a to do list, schedule or even something as small as a routine I will completely fail at it. My brain just doesn’t function well that way.

I’ve struggled for years trying to figure out how to keep my house in order, get school done with the kids and make dinner consistently without forgetting to pull meat out of the freezer…speaking of I really need to do that right now! (FYI I didn’t actually do this when I was writing. It was forgotten for several more hours).

But who would have guessed that changing one small thing would change my life!


At the new year I decided that I was going to wake up early, before the kids, and get my workout in. This would be my me time! This would be a way to give myself something just for me.

Now before you think its not a big deal, let me tell you I HATE waking up early! I’m a night owl through and through! Staying up to 1am? No problem! Waking before 8am…thats a a problem. So when I decided to try once again to be in bed by 10pm and up by 6:30am I was pretty much thinking I was going to fail again. The difference this time was that I feel like I can actually accomplish my goals this time around! And nothing in going to get in my way. Life will not derail me again!

So I started waking up at 6:45am every morning and getting my workout in and it changed everything! I was getting showered and dressed before the kids were up and moving around. Making breakfast became easier and we were starting school earlier which was making it easier to complete. We also had time throughout the morning to add in some chores for us all to do and our house is looking more put together than ever.

one small habit

This all started with making the decision to change ONE habit! This habit of waking early and working out turned into the habit of showering daily (a big accomplishment of any mom of little ones!) It changed the daily habit of school being rush and frustrating. It changed the habit of getting chores done throughout the day.

If you’re looking to make some changes please start small! Make one small change that might actually turn into a big change that makes life much better!

What habits do you have in place that make your life easier? I will share some of our new habits in more detail in later posts because they are all worth it!

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