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Week 8 Health Challenge: What Are You Goals?

Just the numbers: +2 lbs

So this week was the beginning of the month along with day 45 of Bikini Body Mommy’s FREE 90 Day Challenge so I weighed in and took measurements. I wasn’t shocked by either of them as I know that getting my workouts in is only about 20% of my weight loss journey. The other 80% is nutrition which is where I’m still struggling. So even though the scale says I’m up two more pounds I’m focusing on the positive because that’s what’s important.

I was able to get in several workouts this week and my measurements were almost the same except in my arms and legs which isn’t where I carry my weight so I know it’s muscle that is changing in those areas. For me that’s been enough. Feeling getting stronger has been enough but I can feel it starting to change. I’m losing interest in waking up early to get in a workout, I’m craving more and more carbs, and I’m snacking ALL. THE. TIME! I really want to break these habits as they are holding be back!

What are my goals?

This month Briana over at Bikini Body Mommy is hosting another diet bet so I decided to join in again. It got me motivated in the beginning and I’m hoping to feel motivated again to get back on track. So my goals are to crush this month and win the diet bet. To finally be able to break the cycle of eating unhealthy and crave things that I really don’t want to eat but just can’t avoid. I need my strength! I need my willpower! I need to push myself to be the best version of myself because that what I deserve and that’s what those around me deserve! Nutrition is everything this month!

I’d love to hear what your goals are for this month! Please share and let’s keep each other accountable!

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