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Going Through the Motions

If you follow my Instagram you saw that yesterday was a hard day for me to get my workout done. It was really cold that morning and getting out of my nice warm bed and jammies was not something that I wanted to do.

Lucky for me I made a BBM VIP friend that is an hour ahead of my timezone. She had already messaged me so I finally turned off my alarm after 5 times got up and turned on the light and hopped right back in bed. I started chatting with my friend and telling her how much I didn’t want to be get up and do my workout. What does a workout buddy do but encourage you to just get it done right?

So I grabbed all my clothes from the comfort of my bed, thank you tiny house, and got almost all the way dressed to workout without stepping foot on the cold floor. I took it one step at a time just thinking about what the next step was to get to my goal. Not the end result because I wanted to do anything but workout.

Step 1: Get dressed

Step 2: Get shoes on

Step 3: Turn on YouTube

Step 4: Fill my water

Step 5: Get my BBM workbook out

You get the point.

So finally my workout was done and you know what I felt so much better. I was glad that I got it done. Then I got to enjoy a shower before the kids got up so we could get ready for the day.

Sometimes when you’re making new habits you have to just take one small step at a time even when you don’t feel like it. You know that each step will get you one step closer to the end result you are working so hard for so take that first small step no matter what that might be and reach your goals!

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