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March Reading List

I’ve been trying to make reading a bigger priority in my life. Mostly because I want to set an example for my children and help them love reading books. I have struggled with this because being a homeschooling mom I spend much of my day reading and instructing my children through schoolwork that if I’m not working on something that needs cleaned or fixed I want to just relax and give my brain a break. Reading does not give my brain a break unless I don’t want to retain anything from the book.

Last month I started all 3 of these books. I’ve gotten through the majority of 2 of them but they aren’t finished yet so they are going to stay on my March list which means they should be relatively easy to get through.

How I Pick My Books

I always try to have a book I’m reading just for fun, a book on something that can better my life, and one that can help grow my business.

This month Unsweetined by Jodie Sweetin is my fun book. Bookworm and Firebug love Filler House on Netflix and we just signed up for Hulu which ended up having Full House and we love it! It’s our family show. I knew that Jodie Sweetin suffered from drug addiction and she wrote a book about it so I thought it would be interesting to read just for fun.


I choose Managing Your Home Without Losing You Mind by Dana K. White because my mom suggested it to me. She has listened to the audio book and knows that I struggle with keeping up with house work and that I was trying to improve on that. I started reading through this book first a few weeks ago and got through the first 7 chapters so quickly and started implementing her suggestions immediately and I have seen amazing changes. But then I started Unsweetined and got distracted. This happens all the time and I just never finish books. March will be a month of finishing unfinished books.


The last book I’m reading is an ebook offered by Celebrating a Simple Life about driving traffic to your blog quickly. While I’m writing this to share our lives, what I’ve learn through our experiences and in hopes to encourage others I’m also writing in hopes to bring in some extra income as well. It’s not my main priority but if I can find a way to get my writing out in from of people to inspire them and bring something extra into our household I’m going to.



What are you reading for this month? I’m always looking for suggestions so please share your favorites or what you’re reading now.

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