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May Reading List

I did not get much reading accomplished this past month. Since soccer season has started and spring has arrived with warmer weather I feel like we are always doing something. We are hardly at home and if we are there seems to be a project that needs to be done. After a long winter season of cold weather (well kind of cold for the south) there are a lot of projects that need tending to.the escape artistI was enjoying The Esacpe Artist by Brad Metlzer but I wasn’t able to finish it before I had to return it to the library. So I will try again but with the long wait list and crazy summer months arriving soon it might be a while. It’s a must read though!orphan trainI did finish Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline and it was just as good I expected it to be. I loved the how the story showed both of the girls lives and brought them together when they needed each other. It only took me over two months to finish this short book. I guess I need to prioritize more time to getting in reading.Teaching from restBut the book that wasn’t on my list last month but the one I was really excited about reading was Teaching From Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guild to Unshakable Peace by Sarah MacKenzie. My library didn’t have it so I had to request them to buy it or get it from another library. This normally takes a few weeks so I was shocked when it came in so quickly. I am really enjoying this book and it will be worth every penny when I add it to my collection this week. I haven’t been able to finish it yet and it’s due back so purchasing is going to be a top priority.

So this month I have the goal of buying Teaching From Rest and reading it. I think with soccer season, the public school year coming to an end and spring time arriving and having more time outside working on the homestead I need to shorten my goals. One book for the month is more than enough. And I can always add a new one if I finish it early!

May reading list

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