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5 Tips to Surviving a Bad Day on a Homestead

Life never stops and living on a beginning homestead life gets downright crazy some days. Today is a day that I’m feeling like just throwing in the towel and giving up and I ate all my feelings at lunch because of the crazy emotions.

It all started out good. We got our chores done and the neighbors chores finished (last day of farm sitting…yay!). They had baby bunnies that were out hopping around and Firebug was thrilled to be able to pet one. I even felt like quite the badass because I was able to catch our pig that has been evading me all week. Even with help of Cowboy, Bacon Bits was just to quick and sneaky but today I did it ALL. BY. MYSELF!

Then after heading home it was laundry time. You probably don’t know this yet as I haven’t written much about our house but it’s a tiny house, (yes like on the show but not as nice…yet). Because we have a family of 5 living in 400 square feet we have very limited space so we don’t have a dryer which means we use a clothesline. Hanging clothes on a clothesline is always an adventure around here. I always have little ones running around and talking my ear off, dogs laying in front of my path hoping for a little loving, or chickens and pigs running around. Today our pig, Pork Chops, decided he needed a nap right in front of my chair where I set my clothes basket. Thanks Chops I needed another obstacle in my path.

All of this is just like any other day. Nothing big going on. I was getting plenty accomplished and I was ready to keep going. Getting the kids through some schoolwork was next and dishes needed to be done along with some more laundry.

As I’m getting the kids situated I hear Bacon Bits start squealing from back by his pen. I look out and where is Bacon Bits? Not is in pen but out with the dogs who think I brought them a new toy to play with. Still feeling like the badass from this morning I plan on catching this pig again all by myself. Ya right! Like that could happen twice in one day! Instead I spend about 30 minutes running through the woods, around the woods up the driveway and back down the property line trying to figure out where he is hiding. Finally help arrives when my neighbor comes.

At this point we are both thinking finding this pig is a lost cause. There’s just now way with all the wooded areas to actually find the pig. When finally Bookworm calls from the back that Bacon Bits is in the chicken pen.

Perfect! We can handle catching him in there! It wasn’t easy. He still gave us a run for our money but we got him and now he’s safely living in the baby chick house until he grows big enough to not be able to escape the pig pen.

After chatting with the neighbor a bit and talking about each of our plans we have coming up I head inside to make the kids lunch to discover that they washing machine has overflowed and is flooding our house! I turn off the water, switch it to the spin cycle and grab every towel in the house to clean up the mess.

Well after getting it cleaned up I had to continue washing clothes and every single time the water would be on it wouldn’t shut off. So I had the luxury of watching the washer fill up, turn off the water, wait for rinse cycle, turn water on, wait, turn it off. For another FIVE loads of laundry! Fun right!

I didn’t even tell you about the electrical problems we’ve been having this week. Short story I can only have the stove or the hot water heater on one at a time. If I’m cooking I have to turn the breaker off to the hot water. If I’m using the dishwasher then I have to turn off the stove breaker.

Doesn’t tiny house living on 10 acres on a beginning homestead sound fun?

But really I wouldn’t trade this life in for anything. I wouldn’t move back to the city no matter what you offered me! Even when days are like this and I want to quit and walk away from it all I keep going. And here’s how I do it.

  1. Stop and breathe. Breathing helps me calm my heart rate and racing mind. Then I’m able to refocus on what I need to do first to fix whatever problems I might be dealing with at the moment.
  2. Go for a walk. Sometimes its best to just leave whatever it is undone for awhile. Grab the kids or the dogs and go for a walk and just enjoy the peace that the country provides. It’s the most wonderful feeling to let the quiet surround you.
  3. Remember your why! Why are you living this life on a homestead? Why did you start? What are your dreams for it to turn into? Is overcoming whatever is going on helping you reach that goal or teach you a lesson? Most likely if you can answer these questions then you will want to pull up your big girl pants and keep moving forward.
  4. NEVER GIVE UP! This is SO important! No matter what is going on, no matter how much you want to walk away and never look back, DON’T DO IT! You can overcome whatever you are currently going through. Trust me we’ve been through A LOT! But every day living here is worth it! I see it in my kids faces every day! They live in a place where they can play outside without fear, they get to explore nature and enjoy their childhood.
  5. Treat Youself! And when you’ve tried all these and you just can’t handle one more thing pack everyone up and drive into town and eat dinner. No cooking, no dishes, and great family time!

Needless to say I have had a bad day and needed each and everyone of these survival tips!  With all of the craziness I was barely holding it together. I just want to crawl into bed and cry! But my list wasn’t going to get accomplished and my kids aren’t going to be cared for if I did that. So I’m pulling up my big girl pants and I set timers so I didn’t forget to turn off the water after each cycle of the washing machine and we went into town to enjoy dinner together.

We are not going to give up this dream! We have been working for 3 years to get where we are and most days we get to enjoy it without the world collapsing. Tomorrow Cowboy has a long honey do list so we can only hope that all the challenges happened today and we can cross off several projects tomorrow. But most importantly we will enjoy having Cowboy home and spending time with him.

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