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One Excuse Day

When starting this 90 workout challenge offered FREE from Bikini Body Mommy I decided that I needed to make some changes and really think through how I was going to accomplish this without giving up or letting life get in the way. Basically I’ve had too many excuses in the past and have failed to reach any of my health goals because of it.

The difference this time is I’m not expecting 100% perfection from myself this time around. I’m giving myself one excuse day each week to skip my workout without guilt or self-shaming. Last week it was Saturday. And this week it is today.

I’m doing this because I can’t except myself to change overnight into this workout health nut machine overnight. It’s not possible to change that fast. I’m already making several changes along with adding workouts to my daily life I can’t except to achieve everything I want right now.

By doing this I have let the weight of being perfect fall off my shoulders so I can keep going without feeling like I need to catch up or I missed too many days to consider the 90 day challenge a success. I’ve already put in almost 2 weeks of eating better, getting to bed earlier and waking earlier, and doing my workouts. 2 weeks guys! Seriously that’s amazing! I have 2 more weeks until it starts to feel like a real routine and habit for my life.

Just making these small changes I’ve noticed some amazing results too! Not only weight loss, but I will update you tomorrow on that, but in every day life too.

  • I’m happier when I wake up and get my workout done.
  • I get more accomplished during the day because I have more energy
  • I shower and get dressed every morning which makes me ready to take anything life throws at me
  • We are accomplishing a better homeschool schedule (both because of my new routine but also because our new curriculum)
  • I’m less grumpy with the kids throughout the day

Why wouldn’t I do everything I can to keep this journey going? The results so far in my life have been great and I don’t need perfection to accomplish these results. So please give yourself grace in life! Don’t expect perfection from yourself or others because it’s just impossible. Instead choose to enjoy each day and make the choices that will make you and those in your life happy!

Now go make yourself happy!


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