Week 7 Healthy Challenge Update

Just the numbers: ? I don’t know. I put up my scale. The one I just bought before I started this journey. I noticed that I was starting to feel defeated when I wasn’t seeing the scale move and it was frustrating. I was starting to not be motivated and I didn’t want to feel Read More

Changing Bedtimes: How to help your children adjust. Part 1

Throwing Our Old Routine Out We are currently adjusting our regular bedtime routine we’ve had for many years because Daddy is officially on a home every night truck route (Yay!) and I’m consistently waking early to get a workout in. We are tossing out the old times of being in bed around 9:00p.m. and waking Read More

Week 6 Health Challenge

Just the numbers: +/- 0 pounds This week I didn’t gain or lose anything. I guess I can consider That a success because I’ve been steadily gaining a pound or two back each week from my awful eating habits I’m falling back into. What changes did I make? I didn’t follow what I had planned Read More

Week 5 Health Challenge Update

Just the scale info: +1 again I know this is a process and I’m not all the way recovered from being sick but I know exactly what is causing this weight gain instead of loss…….my nutrition! Being sick I gave into eating whatever was easy, whatever sounded good because let’s face it I was sick Read More

Embracing Habits

I’m not a type A person. I’m pretty much the exact opposite. If you give me a to do list, schedule or even something as small as a routine I will completely fail at it. My brain just doesn’t function well that way. I’ve struggled for years trying to figure out how to keep my Read More

Week 4 Health Challenge Update

  Well its been 4 weeks since I started this new health challenge and it’s taken a turn for the worse. Its been 10 days of our family being sick and I started out so good staying on track and keeping up with eating well so I didn’t derail my progress. I did so well Read More

5 Tips to Surviving Homeschooling while Sick

When you homeschool there is no time for mom to be down sick. This cold I have is not fun. With my husband over the road with his current trucking job I’m on my own. Bookworm is quite helpful when I’m sick and helps get everyone cereal for breakfast so I can get some extra Read More

Why Focusing On What Matters?

Why did I start a blog and name it Focusing on What Matters? 3 years ago our life changed more than I could have realized. We had a big decision on our hands. We had two choices. 1. We could stay in Colorado where all our family was and where we grew up but I Read More

Week 2 Health Challenge Update

Well it’s that time in the week where I want to not only share my successes and struggles with you but also to help hold me accountable. I missed a week one update so I’ll give you a little recap. I’m currently using Bikini Body Mommy’s FREE 90 day challenge for my workouts. 20 minutes Read More

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