2018 is coming!

2018 is less than 24 hours away as I write this. Everyone is posting about New Year’s Resolutions they are making and how 2018 is going to be different. Me…I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I never really have. Mostly because I’ve seen so many people make them with great intentions and then fail miserably. Read More

Why does this always happen?

Last week Briana with Bikini Body Mommy was hosting her last surge before Christmas and I was excited and fully on board to bust my butt and lose a few pounds before the holidays. I started the workout ready to have a great week. Then BAM…finishing up and my shoulder decided I pushed myself to Read More

Structure Of Any Kind Is My Nemesis! But I Try!

I’ve always struggled with keeping up with any type of routine or schedule. Some schedules like when I was in school or when I was working outside the home were a forced schedule and I didn’t have a choice but to follow it. But now I’m a wife and mom and homesteader. I make my Read More

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