Structure Of Any Kind Is My Nemesis! But I Try!

I’ve always struggled with keeping up with any type of routine or schedule. Some schedules like when I was in school or when I was working outside the home were a forced schedule and I didn’t have a choice but to follow it. But now I’m a wife and mom and homesteader. I make my own schedule. I don’t have anyone telling me when to do what needs to be done. I have responsibilities. I have a husband that requires attention, children that need to be fed and taught, and farm animals that need cared for. But for the most part I can make my own schedule and adjust our schedule to fit whatever my needs are. 

This has not served me well. I struggle to keep the house picked up and cleaned. I struggle to keep the kids on a school schedule. I struggle to keep my family on any type of a routine. I struggle to meal plan, prep or grocery shop if I’m honest. I struggle with keeping myself healthy and getting regular exercise. But I’m trying. 

I’ve tried many things to help improve all these areas and I will share all that with you because right now I’m learning how to focus on what really matters in my life and all the things I struggle with are things that need to matter to me. Matter enough to do something about. 

So I’m starting with a book called Sink Reflections by The FlyLady. It was recommended to me by an amazing group of ladies that I will share about in another post later on. 

I have just started her process the other day. I shined my sink nice and pretty and even did a little more because my kitchen needed it in order to cook dinner. So I got the dishes in the dishwasher and cleaned the counter and stove. It felt really nice to get that done. Which it always does but it just doesn’t always get done. 

Her next suggestions was to get up and get fully dressed. Head to toe. As in do your hair and makeup (I don’t wear makeup so that wasn’t an issue) and make sure to have shoes on. 

So here I am 2 days later after reading chapter 1 with a sink full of dirty dishes (because we had a crazy day away from home yesterday) but I am dressed with shoes on! 

I hate shoes so this alone is a big deal! I can’t stand things on my feet. But I’m going to give it a try. I will spend the next two weeks waking up every morning, getting dressed with shoes on and see what happens. I hope it will make me feel more productive throughout the day. 

Currently all I can think about is how sandy my floor is. You will understand why when I share more about our property. No we don’t live on a beach…I wish. We live in the middle of Oklahoma. 

So I’m going to get up, empty my sink full of dirty dishes and sweep at least my main living area and then I have to get the kids started on school. It’s already 10:40 and we have only accomplished breakfast and this blog post. 

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