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Tiny House Beginnings — The Building Begins

This is when the exciting stuff begins! Once the tiny house trailer was ready to go we couldn’t wait to get the floor and walls going. Of course because we were paying for everything cash out of our pockets things had to get done in stages. So just getting the floor, walls framed and dried in took us over a month.

I am the type of person that has to be right in the middle helping every step of the way. That also meant I got the grunt jobs like screwing in the floor from underneath on our first project. Cowboy didn’t want to be under the trailer laying in the grass with his eczema covered skin and his insane allergies when it comes to grass. But I didn’t care. I was helping build our house.

Shortly after we started building we also found out that I was pregnant with Cutie Pie. This meant that I was put on strict orders from Cowboy to take it easy. So while he worked out in the hot sun building our house I got to sit on the patio watching and reading books. But he couldn’t prevent me from helping and he needed me when it came to holding walls up while he attached them.

The boys just loved helping Daddy in whatever way they could. Most of the time Bookworm was out catching bugs, which is how he still spends his time when he’s supposed to be helping us with a project. Firebug is a different story. He is Cowboy’s mini-me and follows him around like a shadow. He loves handing him tools, holding screws and asking lots of questions! It was so much fun having us all pitch in and start getting our house together.

We were also so lucky that Cowboy was working in construction during this time. He had a flexible schedule which allowed him to get a lot of work done quickly. He also had all the tools that he needed to get this house built. He also knew people that he could ask questions when he needed to clarify something to make sure it would be built correctly.

This part was a lot of work but neither of us cared much about adding it to our daily routines. We were excited to get moved out to our property and we only had 5 month until our lease was up on our rental and we knew we didn’t want to stay longer than we had too. We buckled down and kicked butt! It was a very fun but difficult and time consuming process.Don’t forget to find out why we chose the tiny house in the first place. Click here to read more!

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