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Tomorrow It All Begins

2018 started out a bit rough. We drove home from vacation with family over New Year’s Eve and arrived home early morning on the first to a house full of frozen pipes. Like the entire house! Even the water in the toilet was frozen!

So starting out the New Year ready to crush some goals and make some changes didn’t go as planned.

In the past this would have taken over my entire year. I would have lost my momentum and kept going with the bad habits I want to break.

But not this year!

This times I’m going to pick up where I am and keep going. Last week was just a week that didn’t go as planned. We had to wait for the water to unfreeze. I had to unpack and get the house in order from all the stuff brought back from Christmas. So it was a week of preparing for this week.

This week I’m prepared to get started. This week I’m ready to make the changes I need to so we can have the life we want to live!

Did you already lose the momentum of the New Year? Its not to late to still choose to make changes. Pick yourself up and get started! You won’t regret it if you start a week later than planned but you will regret it if you never start!

— Kari

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