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Week 2 Health Challenge Update

Well it’s that time in the week where I want to not only share my successes and struggles with you but also to help hold me accountable.

I missed a week one update so I’ll give you a little recap.

I’m currently using Bikini Body Mommy’s FREE 90 day challenge for my workouts. 20 minutes a day…who can’t squeeze that in? Well me for many years now. I was able to complete 5 of the 6 workouts last week.

I was using Briana’s meal plan and while the food was good it jist wasn’t working for me. I’ve tried it several times and just can’t be successful with it. But I did follow it about 80% last week.

Week one: -4lbs

Week 2 I jumped into the Trim Healthy Mama. I’ve given it a try before and have had some success but I struggled to fully integrate it into my life. This time I’m ready for a whole revamp on what I’m eating but still be able to enjoy some treats and things I love like pasta!

I was able to get in 5 workouts in this week as well. I took Thursday off to sleep in and as much as I wanted to sleep in today I choose to wake up and get moving. And I crushed my scores from Monday and was excited to see that happen!

Week 2: -3 lbs

So far in just 2 weeks of making some simple life changes I’ve been able to lose 7 pounds! Can you believe it?

I have so much more to go but I’m not looking at the end result. I’m focusing on making the right choices every day to get my workouts in and to enjoy delicious healthy food! Because my goal is not to only lose 50ish pounds, it’s to lose the weight that’s holding me back from being the mom I want to be and living our life on a farm. (Do you know how much work that actually is? Probably not if you’ve never experienced it because trust me I thought I knew and I had no idea!)

So today is a rest day, from the workouts, but life is still moving so I have laundry to do, mulch spreading to do, and it course the normal cooking and cleaning for the family. And tomorrow I will wake up looking forward to another week to crush my scores and make some big progress towards this specific goal!

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