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Week 4 Health Challenge Update


Well its been 4 weeks since I started this new health challenge and it’s taken a turn for the worse.

Its been 10 days of our family being sick and I started out so good staying on track and keeping up with eating well so I didn’t derail my progress. I did so well the end of last week that I even won the diet bet I was apart of just because I was eating well.

Once that was over and I weighed in all bets were off. I ate packaged mac and cheese, cookies with milk, and other delicious foods I’ve been avoiding because they no longer fit with the goals in trying to accomplish.

So this week I’m +4 pounds. In just 5 days after my official weigh in ive managed to gain back 4 of those pounds that helped me win the diet bet.

But you know what tomorrow is a new day and beginning a new week for me and I’m getting back into the swing of things. Not just to continue to lose the weight and met my health goals but because the changes I’ve seen in myself and my kids this past week.

Over this past week I know we’ve all been sick so we haven’t been our best selves. We’ve been cranky and tired and grumpy because we don’t feel well. But I’ve also started slipping back into the bad habit of staying up way too late, midnight or 1 am, which leads to late night snacking and sleeping in until the kids wake up in the morning and a very tired mommy. And when mommy is tired then we don’t follow our routine which means no chores or school and leaves kids to fend for their own entertainment which leads to fighting and arguing.

When I was waking up at 6:30 in the morning and getting my workout in it lead to so many other great habits in our house. I was awake and showered by the time the kids were up and ready for breakfast. Then once breakfast was done they kids got dressed and did their morning chores before we started school. School was starting to become a habit for the boys and Cutie Pie was starting to learn to play by herself while we did lessons.

So tomorrow starts our healthy habits again as we all finish recovering for this cold that nearly derailed me. Watch for my sweaty selfies this week and if you don’t see them please call me out!

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