Week 5 Health Challenge Update

Just the scale info: +1 again

I know this is a process and I’m not all the way recovered from being sick but I know exactly what is causing this weight gain instead of loss…….my nutrition!

Being sick I gave into eating whatever was easy, whatever sounded good because let’s face it I was sick and so we’re the kids and Cowboy was over the road and not able to help and cooking was low on the priority. And I struggle with emotional eating which is exactly what I was doing. Eating to make me feel good because everyone was sick.

And now I’m paying for it. I was down 10 pounds the week I got sick and I’ve gained 5 back because I haven’t been able to get back on track. Eating the Trim Healthy Mama way still allows me comfort foods. I can still eat delicious desserts and still loose weight. It’s not like I’m limiting myself to only salads or protein powder shakes I’m eating delicious food BUT I have to cook it or make it ahead of time. I have to plan out my desserts so I remember to buy the stuff we need at home to make it.

Knowing this is a process I know I don’t have to be perfect at it…ever! Each day, each workout, each meal is a choice I can make and that’s more refreshing than trying to be perfect ALL. THE. TIME.

What Can I Improve

Next week I’m going to add in desserts to my meal plan. Then I will figure out a time in the week that is best to prepare them so when I have a craving or just need a snack I have something ready to enjoy. I pretty sure this isn’t a new concept…it’s called meal prep which is something I’m not super successful with. Maybe that needs to be apart of my habits I’m trying to embrace.

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