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Week 6 Health Challenge

Just the numbers: +/- 0 pounds

This week I didn’t gain or lose anything. I guess I can consider That a success because I’ve been steadily gaining a pound or two back each week from my awful eating habits I’m falling back into.

What changes did I make?

I didn’t follow what I had planned last week of having desserts and snacks ready like I wanted. I did much better with making my yummy smoothies for breakfast, leftovers or healthy Trim Healthy Mama sandwiches with a salads and dinners have been pretty good. It’s the snacking and cookies in the house that are causing me to make choices that aren’t helping me reach my goals.

I did however get in 5 of the 6 workouts this week so I’m still making progress. The workouts have become very important to me because of the other changes that have come into place by waking up early so I don’t think that they will be given up without a fight.

What changes am I going to make?

Of course I want to still get my nutrition back on track so again I want to make a dessert to have for sweet craving and easy snacks. Plus Briana from Bikini Body Mommy is hosting a Surge week this week so my goal is complete the Surge workouts while continuing with her FREE 90 day challenge. No matter what I’m getting up and at least getting my workouts in first thing in the morning because of the amazing changes I have seen in my life that doesn’t include weight loss.

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