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Week 7 Healthy Challenge Update

Just the numbers: ? I don’t know.

I put up my scale. The one I just bought before I started this journey.

I noticed that I was starting to feel defeated when I wasn’t seeing the scale move and it was frustrating. I was starting to not be motivated and I didn’t want to feel this way about this journey. This is not a weight loss challenge, this is a health challenge I am doing for myself, my family and the life I want to live. Getting discouraged isn’t going to help keep my making changes and getting the results I want. So I put up my scale for a little bit.


What changes I plan on making.

I’m going to adjust when I do measurements and weighing in. Instead of doing it weekly in going to do weigh in and measure on the 1st of the month. This will give me a chance to focus on how I’m feeling, the things I’m accomplishing by getting up before the kids, and the energy I have throughout the day because of the workouts. I can focus on cooking and eating healthy meals. And really getting our weekly schedule together. These last 2 week’s have been a struggle on knowing when our town says are and planning meals around having enough until we get to town again. These changes in my life will make a difference and I will start to see results.

This week was a surge week too and I was able to get 3 out of 6 workouts in mostly because I’m starting to fall into bad habits of being up late and not getting up before the kids. So starting tonight I’m getting in bed early and waking up before our busy day in town. I’m making a point to not loose the habits I have created that are making my life so much different than before and creating less stress in our daily lives. I’m just going to keep pushing and making things happen.

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