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Weight: It’s Just A Number

Just last week during our Space Science lesson from The Good and The Beautiful we learned about how we get the number for our weight. That it is just a number of how much force with which we are pulled toward the Earth. We even followed a link suggestion where you can put in your weight on Earth and it will show you how much you weigh on the rest of the planets in our solar system.

Being someone who has struggled with my weight I was not thrilled about this idea. My kids have no idea what that number is and there’s not really a reason why they should know but its a big enough number that they would have made sounds like “Whoa!” and hurt their mommy’s feeling without even trying. But let’s be honest about kids…you could say 100lbs, 150lbs, 200lbs and each of those numbers in their minds would be huge compared to their 20-60lbs range. And I knew this. I knew that even if I faked the number and said something 50lbs less they wouldn’t know the difference but they’d still make the same surprised reaction. Just like when they realize we are in our 30’s! Man that’s just old.

Lucky for me they didn’t ask for what my weight was on other planets and I didn’t have interest in finding out myself. But why does that number hold so much power of me? My thoughts, my words, my actions?

I live pretty healthy. We eat lots of meats and veggies. Fruit is a regular part of our diet. We stay away from processed foods pretty often and limit our breads and pastas and the sweets we eat. I exercise pretty regularly except when life fully takes over like when my kids have the chicken pox and they whine about the itching all day long. (Sorry that example just hits close to home right now as I’m currently hiding in my hammock at nap time just to get a little break from the almost constant complaining). We eat farm fresh eggs, we have pigs in our back yard that will soon go into our freezer and soon hope to get more meat chickens to enjoy. But still that number on that scale can send me into a downwards spiral to just want to eat all the junk I can find and binge watch anything on TV that will take my mind off the fact that I still feel fat and unhealthy.We live in a world where that number is thrown in our face at the doctors office, the DMV or every time we look at our driver’s license. We look at pictures that a doctored in a way that makes women look unrealistic in magazines and watch actresses on TV that seem to have everything.

I wouldn’t trade my life of being at home with my kids every day for a life they have in Hollywood! I wouldn’t trade my quiet 10 acres of land with chickens roaming around eating bugs for a city apartment. I love my life! I love enjoying reading in my hammock, cooking healthy meals for my family and even on most days the workouts. So why do I give that number so much room in my life to make me feel miserable?

I can’t answer that. I’m trying to do my best to live in the moment, enjoy my life to the fullest and not let things like the number on the scale matter to me. Each day bring along a new struggle and I never seem to know what its going to be but I do my best to fight through it and come out better on the other side.

The number on the scale really is just the Earth holding me here so I don’t float off into space. It doesn’t mean I’m not healthy. It doesn’t mean I can’t do something. It doesn’t mean I’m not important. It doesn’t mean I’m not beautiful.

I AM healthy! I CAN do anything I put my mind to! I AM important and doing important work raising my children! And I AM BEAUTIFUL just the way I am! Those are the things we women need to remember!

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