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Why does this always happen?

Last week Briana with Bikini Body Mommy was hosting her last surge before Christmas and I was excited and fully on board to bust my butt and lose a few pounds before the holidays.

I started the workout ready to have a great week. Then BAM…finishing up and my shoulder decided I pushed myself to far and I was done for at least a week.

I wasn’t sure how long it would take to feel better I just knew I needed to not push it further because 7.0 starts in a few weeks and I need to be 100% ready.

I have a 50 pound loss that I want to achieve this year. It’s actually a realistic goal and it feels like that I could actually achieve it this year but it seems every time I want to take a step forward towards making this goal a reality something like this happens.

Back in September when I had successfully completed 2 surges and dropped a pant size I was motivated…then I had a vacation that helped me go back to old habits and all the progress and motivation has contiuned to go out the window.

Why does this happen?

I wish I had an answer. I really do because then I’d know how to avoid it from happening during Bikini Body Mommy’s 7.0 challenge coming up.

My plan to keep me from having life mess me up is to let my shoulder rest until 7.0. It’s about 2 weeks away and Christmas week is next week so I’m just going to relax and enjoy the holiday. Then after all the celebrating and family time I’m going to jump in feet first to a new way of life for 2018!

I’m going to learn how to batch cook to make meals easier! I’m going to schedule me time with exercising every day because I need it! I’m going to enjoy reading books more than watching tv! I’m going to make sure my kids have a successful school year!

But I’m not going to do this as a New Year’s resolution. Because that’s setting myself up to fail.

I’m going to do this because it will make the life of my family and myself better! I’m going to put in the hard work for the life I want! We’ve already done so much towards this but now it’s time to step up again and make some BIG changes!

Who’s with me? Who wants to change their life they are living now into the life they dream about?

By the way…Bikini Body Mommy’s 7.0 Challenge is FREE! So if you’re interested go join and help me stay accountable!

❤ Kari

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